BBA Degree + Three years Integrated Coaching for UPSC Civil Services Examinations

To address the current demand for Coaching for Civil Services Exam by Undergraduate students and early starters, Eva Stalin IAS Academy has introduced three years Integrated training programme for Civil Services Exam preparation with BBA Degree. The three years Integrated course is best suited for students who have completed their 10+2 examination and are willing to attempt the UPSC Civil Services Examination during the final year and final semester of their degree without wasting any time for preparation after graduation.

Details of the 3-Years Integrated Course for UPSC

1.In the first year, our objective is to build a Strong Foundation for Civil Services Examination without disturbing your studies for the graduation degree. The focus will be on covering all the General Studies Topics at the NCERT level and beginning the development of answer- writing skills.

2.The Second year is akin to the Foundation Course provided by Eva Stalin IAS Academy, with the primary focus on covering all the concepts in the General Studies subjects at the advanced level of Standard books along with the basic level of preparation for the Optional Subject.

3.In the third-year we aim to provide a higher level of understanding, reinforcement and application of knowledge in both GS subjects as well as the Optional Subject.

Building the right foundation is key to maximize the benefits of preparation and hence the knowledge base will be built up gradually from the level of NCERT Books to advanced concepts in the Standard books through the first stage of the 3-Years Integrated Course without posing any hindrance to the graduation degree studies. Along with the knowledge base being built up to the level of advanced concepts in standard books, other fundamental skills such as newspaper-reading, notes preparation, Mains answer-writing etc., will be developed in the second stage.

Once students have “covered” all the topics we will assist the candidates to make notes and write answers for the Mains exam. The concepts in the GS subjects will be covered for a third time now, however, it will be much different as you will be learning to draw conclusions and form correlations between the concepts in different subjects, along with relating everything that you learn with Current Affairs and Mains answers. Students enrolled for the Three Years Integrated programme will have access to the Prelims and Mains Test Series in Stages-II and III. Hence, the students can clearly assess their progress with the difference in scores in Stage-II and Stage-III Test Series and figure out their weaknesses.

Class Tests on Weekends, Surprise tests, Daily Mains Answer Writing Practice (D- MAP) apart from the test series will be a part and parcel of Stage-II and Stage-III of the 3-Years Integrated course to keep you on your toes and aware of your progress. We will follow a 2 hours per day, 1 subjects per week model for the regular batches with the class timings for the Core Subjects being set from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM from Monday to Saturday.

Having classes for 1 subject in a will help the students cover the syllabus without having significant time-gaps between the completed subjects while keeping the student interested.

The class timings are designed in a such a manner to enable an aspirant to utilize the remainder of the day for undeniably important and crucial activities such as mains answer writing practice and notes making. The truth is that – it is not just about completing the syllabus by attending classes, but it is actually about putting in extra effort towards utilizing what was taught into writing answers – that helps you in clearing the exam.

The preparation for the Optional subject is allocated as a part of Stages-II and III of the 3-Years Integrated Course to facilitate a 2-step in-depth coverage of the entire Optional Subject course to maximize your marks in the 2 papers for Optional Subject.

In both Stage-II and III, there will be 2 hour classes on Saturdays and Sundays over a duration of 10 months in each stage, amounting to a total of 20 months of preparation for the Optional Subject which will increase your scoring capabilities to the peak. Our expert faculty and guest faculty for each of the Optional Subjects provided at the institute: viz. Public Administration,Geography,Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology, have more than 7 years of teaching experience with respect to their optional subject. They will ensure that your preparation for the two papers dedicated for the optional subject in your mains exam is at the maximum potential.


As a part of the Interview Guidance Programme included in the 3-Years Integrated Course, we will be supporting you in:

1.DAF Based Assessment by the Experts along with DAF discussion

2.Personality Development sessions

3.Mock Interviews and Feedback sessions

4.Providing Home State and District specific Questionnaire and support for answers

5.Providing Basic and Hobby-related Questionnaire and support for answers

6.Guidance on Controlling the “direction” of the interview and avoiding controversial statements

7.Covering Current Affairs for the Interview

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