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3rd Dec, 2021 Current Affairs Quiz

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Q1. In India, most freight traffic is presently handled by the

A. Roadways

B. Railways

C. Inland waterways

D. Airways

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Q2. Consider the following statements regarding Dedicated Freight Corridor

1) Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India Limited (DFCCIL) run by the Ministry of Railways undertakes the operation of the "Dedicated Freight Corridors" (DFC).

2) The Western DFC is lengthier than the Eastern DFC

3) Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC) runs from Uttar Pradesh to Mumbai.

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Q3. The term “Sub Urbanisation” refers to

A. Movement of population from urban areas to rural areas

B. Movement of people from central urban area to satellite communities

C. Population shift from rural areas into suburbs

D. Reduction of population in lower tier cities

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Q4. Open Acreage Licensing, often seen in news, is related to

A. Hydrocarbon exploration

B. Railways

C. Mining of Iron ore

D. Land Acquisition

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Q5. There will be progressively lesser difference between Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Net Domestic Product (NDP)

A. If technological growth is slow in a nation and capital depreciation is high

B. If technological growth is high in a nation and capital depreciation is low

C. If technological growth is slow in a nation and capital depreciation is high

D. If technological growth is high in a nation and capital depreciation is high

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Q6. The market value of intermediary goods is deducted from the calculation of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to

1) Avoid double counting of goods

2) Include the value of depreciation in the capital stock

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Q7. “Rent Seeking activities” by business firms often involve

A. Strategizing to cut down rental costs of factors of production

B. Lobbying the government to change rules for making business profitable

C. Speculating in financial markets to gain competitive advantage

D. Seeking investment from multiple avenues to manage cash burden

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Q8. Why ‘Indirect Tax’ is considered as regressive taxation

A. They are not charged the same for all income groups

B. They are charged at higher rates than direct taxes

C. None of the above

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Q9. Which of the following statements best describes ‘Hard Currency’

A. It is a currency used during the balance of payment crisis.

B. It is a currency having wide circulation in international market.

C. It is a currency widely accepted around the world as a form of payment for goods and services.

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Q10. Consider the following statements regarding Devaluation of currency

1) Devaluation decreases the prices of imports purchased in the home country.

2) Devaluation can be employed to eliminate balance-of-payments deficits.

3) Devaluation will not be effective if the balance-of-payments disequilibrium is a result of basic structural flaws in a country’s economy