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16th Nov, 2021 Current Affairs Quiz

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Q1. CIBER-2 mission, recently seen in news is related to:

A. Study atmospheric chemistry of Planet Venus

B. Study the Martian environment and look for evidences of past and current lifeforms.

C. Studying the supernova remnants

D. Count the number of stars that exist in the Universe

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Q2. Which of the following services generally use encryption to secure data transmission:

1) Payment gateways

2) Messaging services

3) Wireless microphones and Bluetooth devices

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Q3. Ministry of Science and Technology recently released new guidelines for the Geo-spatial sector in India. Consider the following statements regarding Geospatial data

1) Geospatial data is the data about objects or events that have a location on the surface of the earth.

2) The location may be static like the location of a road or dynamic like a moving vehicle or pedestrian.

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Q4. The International Energy Agency’s mandate focus on

1) Energy security

2) Economic development

3) Environmental protection

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Q5. Which of the following is/are examples of natural nanomaterials, i.e. those which occur naturally in the world

1) Haemoglobin in our blood

2) Particles in volcanic ash

3) Nano-structures that give colour to peacock’s feathers

4) Exhaust from fossil fuel burning engines

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Q6. Reciprocal trade agreements (RTAs) include:

1) Preferential arrangements

2) Free trade agreements

3) Customs unions

4) Common markets

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Q7. For which of the following Committees, the Chairman is invariably from the Ruling Party

A. Estimates Committee

B. Public Accounts Committee

C. Committee on Public Undertakings

D. Committee on Delegated Legislation

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Q8. The Lieutenant Governor of a Union Territory is empowered to promulgate ordinances only

1) When the assembly is dissolved

2) With the prior permission of the President

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Q9. Recently which of the following committee was constituted by RBI to address the issues related to the transfer of surplus funds from RBI to government:

A. Urjit Patel Committee

B. Y. Venugopal Reddy Committee

C. Bimal Jalan Committee

D. L K Jha Committee

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Q10. GAFA tax recently seen in news is related to

A. Tax on new start-ups with annual turn-over of more than 1 crore

B. Tax on Renewable energy products

C. Tax on large technology and internet companies

D. None of the above