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19th Nov, 2021 Current Affairs Quiz

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1. Which of the following best describes ‘Anti-Dumping’ duty?:

a. a protectionist tariff imposed on foreign imports that are priced below fair market value.

b. an import tax imposed on certain goods in order to prevent piracy

c. tax imposed on the import of the goods pertaining to core industrial sectors.

d. None of the statements a, b and c are correct.

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2. When the Reserve Bank of India increases the repo rate by 50 basis points, which of the following likely to happen:

1) India's GDP growth rate increases drastically

2) Foreign Institutional Investors may bring more capital into our country

3) Scheduled Commercial Banks may increase their lending rates

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3) Consider the following statements:

1) Headline inflation is a measure of inflation within an economy, including commodities which tend to be more volatile and prone to inflationary spikes.

2) Headline inflation present an accurate picture of an economy's inflationary trend since sector-specific inflationary spikes persist.

Which of the above statements is/are incorrect:

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4. In economics, the monetary base includes:

1) Total currency circulating in the public.

2) Currency that is physically held in the vaults of commercial banks

3) Sum total of the capital of all financial institutions regulated by Central Bank.

4) Commercial banks' reserves held in the central bank.

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5. Consider the following statements about Mauryan art and architecture

1) Stone was the principal building material.

2) Lauria Nandangarh pillar in Champaran was built during the time of Ashoka.

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6. Which of the following statement about Saptak is correct:

a. Emotions which are evoked through singing.

b. The rhythmic groupings of beats.

c. The seven swaras

d. A system of classification of the ragas in different groups.

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7. Consider the following statements regarding Metal works during Harappan civilization:

1) Copper, tin, gold and silver were easily available locally, thus obviating the need to import them from distant places.

2) The earliest evidence of metallurgy in the Indian subcontinent comes from the site of Mehrgarh.

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8. Consider the following statements:

1) Harappan Civilization got its name from the city that was discovered first.

2) In the late-Harappan stage the Indus culture rose to its peak and started spreading in southern India and across Indian Frontiers.

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9. Consider the following statements regarding Vedic civilization:

1) Sabha and Samiti were legislative assemblies at tribal or territorial level.

2) The king was autocratic with main responsibility of being protector of the tribe and the cattle wealth

3) Samiti was not open for women in early Vedic period.

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10.Consider the following statements regarding Palaeolithic age:

1) It spans nearly one-third of human history.

2) Evidence of the existence of ostriches were found in India during this period

3) Bone tools could be found, but stone tools were not made in this period.